33 Ayah

Ayat 33
1. Surah Al-fatihah

2. Surah Al-Baqarah (Ayat 1 - 5)

3. Surah Al-Baqarah (Ayat 163 - 164)

4. Surah Al-Baqarah ( Ayat 255 - 257)

5. Surah Al-Baqarah ( Ayat 284 - 286)

6. Surah Al-Imran (Ayat 54 - 56)

7. Surah Al-Isra (Ayat 110 - 111)

8. Surah As-Saaffaat (Ayat 1 - 11)

9. Surah Ar-Rahman (Ayat 33 - 35)

10. Surah Al-Hasy-r (Ayat 21 - 24)

11. Surah Al-Jin (Ayat 1 - 4)

In a nutshell..

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My Photographic Moments in 2013

We sometimes need to look back into our journey. Some say "success is in the journey and not the destination".. It is in the journey that one will be in a constant work-in-progress mode.. Well, bare in mind.. I started this photography journey with an attitude of 'wanting to explore and discover my God given talent' as what my life has to offer. I learned to see things in its raw beauty form… I conclude that our life is a gift. And never take that for granted. I am forever grateful to Allah Almighty for leading me to that path. To see, understand and moreover bersyukur.

In 2012, from October to December.. All my weekends were occupied with weddings, engagement, aqiqah and birthday photoshoots. Mind you, this period, if you are working in a 9 to 6 job, it is about chasing the completion of your KPIs. My life was too hectic then, both as an employee as well as a freelance photographer. I neglected what matters most.. My ticket to Jannah i.e. my role as a son to my parents, husband to my wife and father to my son.

Overwhelmed with the lesson, I decided to go easy in 2013. Limit myself to only 7 wedding events photoshoot per year. I didn't do any aggresive advertising.. promotions or marketing activity to grow my photography business agenda.

I decided to take time to deepen my knowledge about the art and science of photography. Not only using DSLR and various lens, but also iPhone camera, Samsung phone camera and point & shoot cameras. Then at the same time, I explored the post production side of photography. Photoshop, album design, prints etc. 

So, with a lot of weekend time.. I am able to spend exploring life and meaning. Some experiences are very personal and impactful to me.

So, chronological sequence as a Wedding/Event Photographer for 2013

Nadiah & Azriq Wedding Reception - 26 Jan 2013
Ben & Nadia Wedding Reception - 27 Jan 2013
I was hired by owner of https://www.facebook.com/clickphotographique
Benj & Priya Solemnization - 9 Mar 2013
I was hired by owner of https://www.facebook.com/clickphotographique
Razlin & Dr Luqman Aqad Nikah - 23 Mar 2013
Razlin & Dr Luqman Wedding Reception - 30 Mar 2013
Razim Faris & Dr Fariza Aqad Nikah - 31 Mar 2013
Azan & Azlinah Wedding Reception - 21 Apr 2013
hired by owner of https://www.facebook.com/fendydondonphoto
Linda & Sam Majid Wedding Reception - 28 Apr 2013
Hai-O Diamond Night for Diamond Award Recipient - 22 June 2013
I was hired by Ida Amira - www.idarahim.com
Product Shoot for Online Business - 23 June 2013
I was hired by owners of http://www.facebook.com/SazirasCloset
Arlina & Ian Harris Wedding Reception - 25 Aug 2013
I was hired by owner of https://www.facebook.com/fendydondonphoto
Julie & Sophian Wedding Reception - 7 Sept 2013
I was hired to do a montage/slideshow of their aqad for viewing at this Reception
Said & Nora Aqad Nikah - 29 Nov 2013
Said & Nora Mini Sanding - 29 Nov 2013
Said & Nora Bersanding - 1 Dec 2013
Said & Nora Jakarta Wedding Reception - 7 Dec 2013

Said & Nora Beach Wedding, Bali - 8 Dec 2013

To sum up, my freelance photography highlights of 2013:

1. Most Nerve-wrecking Event - Razlin & Dr Luqman (both aqad nikah and wedding).
The bride, Razlin hired Saiful Nang & Candidsyndrome as their event photographer. The mother of the bride, Pn Rosita Mansoor, hired me as their family 'photojournalist' for Malam Berinai, Aqad Nikah and Bersanding. Saiful Nang is the most influential photographer in the local wedding industry. (go google him.. macam mana tak star-struck?). Look at me on the other hand, a newcomer into the wedding photography industry.. learning everything through trial & error.. But it was an honour to have observed his style and conduct.
Person whom I look up to

2. Most 'eye-opening' event - Diamond Night

This person, Ida Amira is an old friend of mine. I am privileged to have known her in my previous employment i.e. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (I think it's now known as Deloitte). What she had achieved, while doing it on a part-time basis.. many has failed. That includes me. So, if you want to increase your success in doing retail business on a part-time basis, you ought to hear her out. She has developed many leaders in the process. See www.idarahim.com. A normal person with extraordinary results.

3. Most Exciting Event - Said & Nora , Jakarta Wedding & Beach Wedding, Sunset in Bali

My first international exposure. I was held in Rumah Maroko, Jakarta (google search pls). I met Eka Tjipta Widjaja's family members.. who are they? 

You can imagine the crowd, yes? If you have watched the house and lifestyle of rich and famous indonesian through their 'Sinetron' before, this is bigger and real! When some of the guests learned that I'm from Malaysia, they thought that I'm a leading photographer from Malaysia. Not all rich and powerful people are snobbish and stuck up.. not in that event, at least. In Malaysia? I just can't say the same. I have done some high profile wedding photography in Malaysia.. We, Malaysian, we lack that warmth and mutual respective to others. (see my previous post on Jakarta & Bali wedding).

Other impactful and memorable photography milestone.

1. I am a learner, always learning. Whatever I discover along the process.. I will always test and experiment it out. I've never asked to be a coach, mentor or whatever you call it. But thank you for seeing me in that light. As a person who believes that knowledge belongs to Allah, whatever I know, I will share. Thank you for taking me to your photography outing, activities and giving me that recognition (you know who you are :)).

2. Winning 1st prize in a photography contest using an iPhone 4s camera as my primary tool. (read my previous post)

3. During the year, I have participated voluntarily as a photographer in 3 Corporate Social Responsibility Events (community service events). Of which all are Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim (One in Jln Chow Kit, one in Kemaman and one in Puchong). 

Just to give you some feel of what is this all about. One of rumah anak-anak yatim in Jln Chow Kit, Yayasan Nur Salam. These kids come from diverse circumstances. There were about 80 kids there. I have never published any of their photo due to its sensitivity. You see, some of these kids were 'picked-out' from the street. Some are 'protected' i.e. taken away from their parent by the authorities i.e. children of sex-offender parents. Some are children of prostitutes. Some are rescued from human trafficking activities. Some others just can't find and locate their parents.  

Having first hand knowledge of how these kids' delicate emotions and identity setback, I have launched  a small initiative to raise funds for these kids. All my pictures you see in my Facebook page are for sale. You just pay the cost i.e. printing, supplies and overheads. The profit will be channelled to https://www.facebook.com/putraperdana.anakyatim?fref=ts. I have met Ustazah Norhayati and have visited the place several times. I have volunteered myself for anything that I can assist her in managing these kids. In fact throughout the year, some amount of payments (my clients) have been channel to this establishment. Like mentioned earlier, my core income is my 9 to 6 job. Income from photography is use mainly to fund my investment akhirat and strengthening my silaturrahim.

That's all for 2013. The highlights. My praise goes to Allah. Thank you for this adventure, discovery  and lessons. My doa, is to continue to stay on your path. It's peaceful and full.

Sadique Lufi Lokman

31 Dec 2013. Reflecting Meaning.

A photo manipulation attempt

This is my attempt on 'digital painting'. In my mind, the background, I am imagining a couple-in-love-kissing, a silhouette shot and on the foreground, 2 birds about to do the same.

So, first search the images via google

Image 1 
Image source: www.pulsarecard.com

Image 2
Image source: Andrew Schoeman/Solent News

I can't recall the sequence of what I did in Photoshop PS5.. Anyway, this is what the end image look like.

Ok that's all for now.. 

Let's go one step further.. 

Ok done.

To summarise..
Whatever knowledge you've acquired, that knowledge is only good when you apply it..

My Most Memorable Photography Assignment - Jakarta Wedding Event and Sunset Beach Wedding in Bali

Firstly, thank you Said for insisting me to cover your wedding.. A whole new experience gained from your wedding in 2 countries at 4 different locations. Thank you both, Said & Nora for believing in me. Not forgetting Prof Dr Lokman Mohd Noh & Pn Ainin Mansoor, parents of the groom, for hiring me as your son's wedding photographer.

I must say although the itinerary was scary for me initially.. the experience, sight, sound and taste is very enriching. Furthermore, I get to travel and experience what is it like to shoot a wedding in Jakarta and Bali..

Readers, you may want to google this 2 venue i.e. Morocco House, Jakarta and Legong Keraton Hotel, Bali.. It can provide you some insights into how magical this photography experience is to me.

The reception in Jakarta, Said told me that 100% of the invited guest came to the reception. The most prominent figure who came to celebrate and 'merenjis' him and his wife, Nora. Those whom i can recall among others were:

1. The richest man in Indonesia, owner of Sinar Mas and his family members (see: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2013/09/17/sinar-mas-owner-ri-s-richest-man-again-bloomberg-finds.html)

2. Ex finance minister of Indonesia

3. Gubernor of Jakarta

4. Other powerful and influential corporate leaders from financial institution, corporations and other industry.

You can imagine by now.. the wedding event. Let me just take you through. Typically this are what the congratulatory notes you will be able to see:

Ok.. now let's check out the place!..

The wedding event is held in Morocco House, Jakarta. The place is awesome. Detailed and elaborate


Dato' Chef Ismail in action

Now let's have a look at Bali. The venue is Legong Keraton Hotel, Canggu, Bali

Congratulations Said & Nora. My doa and prayers to you both. May Allah bless your unity in marriage and be granted with children soleh and solehah.